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What is Airportle?

Airportle is more than just a word game; it's a delightful journey down memory lane for travel enthusiasts. Conceived by Scott's Cheap Flights, a renowned provider of information about low-cost airline tickets, Airportle offers a unique blend of travel nostalgia and word-guessing excitement. While some may underestimate its simplicity, it's a game that appeals to the wanderlust in us all.


  1. Six Chances to Uncover: In Airportle, you're granted six opportunities to unveil the hidden word. It's a challenge that will put your deductive skills and vocabulary to the test.

  2. IATA Codes as Inspiration: Every day, the mystery word in Airportle is a three-letter IATA airport code. These codes, such as LAX for Los Angeles or ORD for Chicago O'Hare, infuse the game with a travel-themed twist, making each day's challenge unique.

  3. Color-Coded Clues: After your initial guess, Airportle provides color-coded hints for your selected letters:

    • Green Letters: These letters turn green when they are both correct and in the right position.
    • Yellow Letters: Signifying that the letter is part of the airport code but not in the correct place.
    • Gray Letters: Letters turn gray if they do not appear in the airport code.
  4. Six Attempts for Victory: If you fail to decode the airport code within six attempts, you'll lose the day's game. This challenge ensures that you return for more word-guessing excitement.


  1. Travel-Themed Escape: Airportle transports you to the world of travel, making it a perfect pastime for travel enthusiasts and word game aficionados alike.

  2. Mentally Stimulating: The game offers a mental workout as you decipher airport codes, ensuring an engaging and thought-provoking experience.

  3. Educational Twist: Airportle provides an opportunity to learn about IATA airport codes while having fun, adding an educational dimension to your gaming adventure.

  4. Daily Challenge: With a fresh airport code to unravel each day, Airportle keeps you entertained and motivated to conquer the daily word puzzle.


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