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Amazing Word Twist
Amazing Word Twist

Amazing Word Twist

What exactly is Amazing Word Twist?

Amazing Word Twist is a Puzzle game with Word Game and Brain Game elements. Amazing Word Twist will put your vocabulary to the test! Amazing Word Twist is a fantastic word discovery and learning game!

The Amazing Word Twist will test your reasoning abilities. One of the most popular adult, child, and family word board games. Make as many words as you can with the six letters provided. Amazing Word Twist is the game for you if you like word search games, board games, scrable games, or crossword puzzles.

Gameplay Guidelines

Each turn, players are given a set of letters that they can use to form words by dragging them next to each other. The objective is to write as many words as possible before running out of space! It's sometimes enjoyable to be inventive, and other times it's a blast (get it?) to try to locate the "hidden" words that the game is attempting to "twist" into existence.

Amazing Word Twist levels begin with five different letters that are used to form words. The number of letters left after each turn is carried over to the next one. This allows players to continue playing until they have used up all of their letters!


Using Mouse

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