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What is Artle?

Artle transcends traditional word-guessing games; it's a cerebral challenge that immerses you in the realm of art and artists. The core objective is to guess the artist who created a specific work of art from the gallery's collections. As you delve into this artistic journey, you'll appreciate the creative genius behind each masterpiece.

Understanding the Rules

  1. Guessing the Artist: In Artle, your primary task is to guess the artist who created a specific work of art. To do this, you must enter the name of an existing artist in a search field. Your goal is to match the artist's name to the artwork you're presented with.

  2. Feedback Mechanism: After each guess, Artle provides feedback. If your guess is incorrect, a red 'X' will appear. However, Artle doesn't leave you hanging; it helps you out by displaying a different work of art created by the same artist.

  3. Four Guess Limit: You have a maximum of four attempts to guess the artist's name correctly. This limitation adds a strategic element to the game, challenging you to make informed guesses.

  4. Daily Puzzles: Artle keeps the excitement fresh by offering a new puzzle every day. This ensures a continuous source of artistic challenges and exploration.

Distinctive Features of Artle

  1. Artistic Challenge: Artle introduces a unique twist to word-guessing games by immersing players in the world of art. It's a game that not only tests your knowledge but also deepens your appreciation for artistry.

  2. Educational Experience: As you explore Artle's puzzles, you gain insights into various artists and their works. It's an engaging way to expand your knowledge of art history.

  3. Feedback and Assistance: Artle doesn't leave you guessing blindly. It provides valuable feedback and additional clues in the form of related artworks by the same artist.

  4. Daily Variety: With a new puzzle available every day, Artle ensures that you're constantly challenged and exposed to a diverse range of artists and artworks.


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