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What is Letterle?

Letterle is a captivating word game that stands out for its minimalist approach. Unlike Wordle, where the goal is to uncover an entire word within a set number of attempts, Letterle simplifies the challenge dramatically. It presents you with a single letter to guess, and that's it.

The Rules of Letterle

Understanding Letterle is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward rules:

  • Single Letter Challenge: In Letterle, your mission is to guess a single letter. No words, no phrases – just one letter.

  • No Limits on Guesses: Unlike Wordle, which imposes a limit on the number of guesses, Letterle takes a more forgiving approach. You can guess as many times as you want until you find the correct letter.

  • 26 Chances to Win: The game's unique twist is that you have a finite number of opportunities to succeed – precisely 26. This number represents the total letters in the English alphabet, and once you've exhausted all your attempts, the game concludes.

Letterle: Easy to Play, Challenging to Master

At first glance, Letterle might seem like a cakewalk, given that you're only guessing a single letter. However, the simplicity of the game is deceptive. The absence of hints or clues makes it incredibly challenging, and it's this very simplicity that keeps players engaged.


  • Letter-Centric Challenge: Letterle offers a unique spin on traditional word games by focusing exclusively on individual letters. This concept shifts the challenge from vocabulary and language skills to intuition and luck.

  • Infinite Gameplay: With unlimited guesses at your disposal, Letterle promises endless hours of gameplay. There's no need to worry about running out of attempts, making it perfect for extended gaming sessions.

  • Quick and Accessible: Letterle is the epitome of a quick and accessible game. Its straightforward nature and lack of complex rules make it ideal for casual gamers and anyone looking for a short gaming fix.

  • Equal Ground for All: Letterle levels the playing field, allowing beginners and experienced gamers alike to enjoy a fair shot at success. No prior skills or strategies are required – just a dose of good old-fashioned luck.


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