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What is Lingle?

Lingle is more than just a word-guessing game; it's a daily challenge that puts your wordplay skills and deductive reasoning to the test. The central objective is to guess the secret six-letter word of the day. As you submit your guesses, the game offers color-coded clues to guide you in the right direction.

Lingle is a captivating six-letter Wordle game that promises daily word-guessing excitement. In this article, we will delve into the world of Lingle, providing comprehensive definitions, rules, and insights into its unique features

Game Rules

  • Six-Letter Word Guessing: In Lingle, your primary task is to guess the daily secret six-letter word. You have a total of seven attempts to unravel the word.

  • Color-Coded Clues: After each valid word guess in Lingle, the game provides feedback through a color-coded system:

    • Green Letters: These letters are both part of the target word and correctly positioned.
    • Yellow Letters: These letters are in the word but not in the correct place.
    • Grey Letters: These letters do not appear anywhere in the word.
  • Victory Conditions: You win the game when you successfully guess the entire six-letter word. It's a moment of triumph that celebrates your word-guessing skills.

Game Features

  • Strategic Challenge: Lingle is a word-guessing game that demands strategic thinking. With limited attempts, you must make each guess count and use the feedback provided to refine your subsequent attempts.

  • Educational Value: Lingle not only entertains but also enhances your vocabulary and deductive reasoning skills as you work to decipher the secret word.

  • Daily Puzzle: The game keeps things fresh by presenting a new puzzle every day. This ensures that you're constantly engaged in word-guessing challenges.

  • Clear Feedback: The color-coded feedback system in Lingle offers a clear and intuitive way to understand your progress and refine your guesses with precision.


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