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What is Antiwordle?

Antiwordle is a captivating word puzzle that defies the conventional notion of word games. Available exclusively in daily mode, it greets you with a daily puzzle that's hard to resist. However, here's the twist: instead of attempting to guess the word of the day, which is presented to you upfront, your mission is to rearrange its letters in the correct order, all without reusing a single letter.


Antiwordle keeps its rules simple and accessible, allowing players of all levels to dive right in:

  • No Guessing Allowed: Unlike traditional word games where guessing is key, Antiwordle challenges you not to guess the word of the day but to rearrange its letters correctly.

  • Letter Arrangement: Your task is to manually rearrange the jumbled letters of the word of the day into the correct order. This requires a keen eye for detail and a sharp word-solving mind.

  • No Letter Reuse: The game adds complexity by prohibiting the reuse of letters. Each letter from the word of the day must be used once and only once in your arrangement.

  • The Challenge: The real challenge in Antiwordle lies in not inadvertently guessing the hidden word while arranging its letters. It's a cerebral exercise that keeps you on your toes.


  • Daily Mode: Antiwordle's daily mode ensures that every day brings a new puzzle, keeping the experience fresh and exciting. It's the perfect daily mental workout.

  • Unique Challenge: Antiwordle's challenge is unlike any other word game. Your mission is to arrange, not guess, and this twist adds an entirely new layer of complexity to the puzzle.

  • Time and Attempts Tracking: The game provides statistics on how long you spent solving the puzzle and how many attempts it took. This not only helps you gauge your progress but also adds an element of friendly competition.

  • Social Sharing: Upon successful completion of the puzzle, Antiwordle allows you to share your accomplishments on social media. This adds a social and competitive dimension to the game, fostering a sense of community among players.


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