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Dinosaur Game Online

Dinosaur Game Online

About Dinosaur Game

Dinosaur Game (Chrome Dino Game) is super popular, played by a whopping 270 million people every month. You used to play it only when the internet was down, but now you can play it anytime without needing to download anything.

How to Play Dinosaur Game?


In the T-rex Dinosaur, you play as a dinosaur on an exciting adventure, traveling back to ancient times and having a blast. Especially, watch out for prickly cacti and dangerous flying reptiles. Additionally, pick up special easter eggs along the way.


Press the Space Bar to jump over things, and use the Down Arrow to make your dinosaur duck under flying reptiles.

Uncover the Delight of the Dinosaur Game

To begin, the T-rex Dinosaur embodies an extraordinary allure, awakening a wave of nostalgia akin to the cherished classic games of our bygone days, evoking fond memories.

Moreover, the game's straightforwardness and ease of access seamlessly facilitate initiating the gameplay—a mere click away at

Furthermore, challenge yourself to exceed your past achievements; the thrill of surmounting these personal milestones is profoundly gratifying, igniting a sense of triumph and joy.

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