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What is Hello Wordl?

Hello Wordl is a modern word puzzle game that offers a contemporary twist on the Wordle experience, blending elements from the TV show Lingo. In this game, players embark on a linguistic journey, aiming to uncover a concealed target word using a mere six attempts, all while receiving feedback reminiscent of the classic board game, Mastermind.


  1. 6 Tries for the Target Word: The primary objective in Hello Wordl is to guess the target word using only six attempts. Each guess you make must be an 8-letter word created by your own ingenuity.

  2. Mastermind-Style Feedback: Following each guess, Hello Wordl provides feedback inspired by the iconic game Mastermind:

    • GREEN: A green hint signifies that a letter in your guess not only exists in the target word but is also positioned correctly.
    • YELLOW: A yellow hint indicates that a letter in your guess is indeed present in the target word but is not in the same position as in your guess.
    • GRAY: A gray hint suggests that the guessed letter has no place in the target word.


  1. The Best of Both Worlds: Hello Wordl marries the nostalgia of Wordle and Lingo with a contemporary gaming experience. This harmonious fusion appeals to enthusiasts of classic word games as well as newcomers looking for a unique word-guessing challenge.

  2. Strategic Thinking: The game promotes strategic wordplay as you work to unveil the target word within a limited number of attempts. The feedback guides your decisions, turning each guess into a calculated move toward victory.

  3. Mastermind's Legacy: The incorporation of Mastermind-style feedback introduces an element of intrigue and suspense. It transforms Hello Wordl into more than just a word game; it becomes an enigmatic puzzle demanding astute analysis.

  4. Accessible and Addictive: Designed to be easily accessible across various platforms, Hello Wordl ensures you can enjoy this word puzzle at your leisure. Its addictive nature keeps players engaged, eager to master the word-guessing challenge again and again.


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