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What exactly is Scholardle?

Scholardle is a word puzzle game that takes inspiration from the classic Wordle while introducing an academic element. In Scholardle, players aim to decode a five-letter academic word, making it a unique and intellectually engaging word game.


  • Academic Word Decoding: The primary objective in Scholardle is to guess a five-letter academic word correctly. Players have a total of six chances to decipher this word.

  • Increased Difficulty: Scholardle is known for its heightened difficulty compared to the original Wordle. Players must rely on their linguistic knowledge, strategic thinking, and deductive reasoning to succeed.

  • Hints and Strategies: To excel at Scholardle, players can utilize hints and strategies that help them make informed guesses and inch closer to uncovering the academic word.


  • Educational Twist: Scholardle offers an educational dimension to wordplay, encouraging players to explore academic words and expand their vocabulary while enjoying a challenging puzzle.

  • Challenging Gameplay: Scholardle is designed to provide a more demanding wordplay challenge than Wordle. It's perfect for players seeking a cerebral and mentally stimulating experience.

  • Strategic Thinking: Success in Scholardle hinges on players' ability to think strategically, eliminating unlikely letters and honing in on those that are part of the academic word.

  • Mental Exercise: Scholardle isn't just a game; it's a mental workout that engages critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It's an excellent choice for those who relish a cognitive challenge.

  • Educational Benefits: Consistent play of Scholardle can enhance your academic word knowledge and enrich your overall vocabulary. It's an enjoyable and enriching way to boost your language skills.

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