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What exactly Swiftle is?

Swiftle is not your typical word game; it's a delightful daily challenge designed exclusively for Taylor Swift enthusiasts. In Swiftle, you won't be guessing words; instead, your mission is to identify a different Taylor Swift song every day. You'll be presented with a short clip from one of her tracks, and the goal is to correctly guess the song's title within just six attempts. But the excitement doesn't stop there; if you succeed, Swiftle reveals the time remaining until the next song challenge, your attempt number, and even offers the option to share your victory on social media. Keep in mind that Swiftle can only be played once per day, adding a layer of anticipation to each new challenge.

Rules of Swiftle:

  1. The Daily Challenge: Swiftle keeps you engaged with a fresh challenge every day. Each challenge presents you with a snippet of a Taylor Swift song to identify.

  2. Guessing the Song: You have a limited six attempts to correctly guess the title of the Taylor Swift song based solely on the provided clip. It's a true test of your knowledge of Taylor Swift's extensive discography.

  3. Track Your Progress: After each guess, Swiftle provides feedback in the form of a bit more of the song clip. This progress tracker lets you know how many attempts you've used.

  4. Reward for Success: Successfully identify the song within the six attempts, and Swiftle acknowledges your achievement. It also offers valuable information about the time remaining for the next song challenge.

  5. Share Your Triumph: Swiftle doesn't just stop at recognizing your success; it encourages you to share your triumph on social media. Invite fellow Taylor Swift fans to join the fun and see if they can match your knowledge.


  • Daily Delight: Swiftle adds a daily dose of Taylor Swift music trivia to your life. It's a quick and engaging way to brighten your day with your favorite artist's songs.

  • Musical Exploration: If you're a Taylor Swift aficionado, Swiftle is an opportunity to delve deeper into her extensive catalog of songs. It's a chance to explore not only her chart-toppers but also her lesser-known gems.

  • Progress Tracking: Swiftle's progress tracking feature keeps you in the loop about your performance, allowing you to see how much of the song clip you've unveiled with each guess.

  • Social Sharing: Share your Swiftle victories on social media to connect with other fans, ignite friendly rivalries, and encourage your friends to test their Taylor Swift knowledge.

  • Daily Challenge Limit: The once-a-day play limitation adds an element of anticipation and excitement. It ensures that each new Swiftle challenge is eagerly anticipated, making it a delightful daily ritual.


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